Streamline your service business

... by tracking everything from managing your team, receiving requests from customers, generating quote scheduling jobs, generating invoices, getting payment and viewing reports anytime

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.. how Serveiz can help streamline operations

Managing Requests

Customers can use the app or web portal to enter their requests. Those requests are captured for the record, with the details provided to you at your fingertips, and are immediately acknowledged to the customer making the requests.

Generate Quotes

It is well established that timely quotes to customers can earn more business. You could generate immediate quotes to the customers form the app or the portal. Customers can get an immediate quote in the email or the portal. This feature generates more business in a competitive environment for you.

Scheduling Jobs

You can streamline business operations by optimizing the scheduling of employees with the app. This improves the productivity and the efficiency of your business. By utilizing the app, employees can enter their availability and time off. The app helps managers schedule employees with any conflicts, like double assigning a job, and schedule the appropriate employee for every job.

Track Jobs

Serveiz provides customized job templates that consist of actions like description, quantity, pictures, videos, etc. Template based job creation improves flexibility and takes cuts your labor to get the job assignment done quickly. You can drag and drop fields and create your own templates based on the job requirement fairly quickly

Invoices / Payments

Serveiz platform helps in automating the generation of bills and invoices in addition to the management of jobs. Timely invoicing and presenting customers with easy way of payment helps reduce billing hassles and improves cash in-flows into your business which is the life blood of your business like any others'.

Reports / Charts

With our cool reports and charts you can have a complete overview of your company financials and performance of your team in detail

Live chat

Using the live chat, you can reach out live chat agents who can assist with any issues using the app and resolve them, so you continue with your business. average order value.

Oversee your team

The User Management view enables administrators and implementers to create new users and allows one to define their role easily. Administrators and implementers select the collections that each user group can create, delete, update, or read including the definition of filters that allow user groups and users to access specific data.


Your customers will be kept informed by automatically through notifications on changes to requests, quotes and jobs. Notifications will contain information and links to more details as needed.


All stats on your system usage is at your fingertips. The summary of storage usage, jobs completed, team and other information.

Job Templates

Serveiz provides customized job templates for multiple industries. You can create your own job templates to include description, quantity, and drag and drop media that needs to capture while performing the job. The media include pictures, video, audio and documents.

Customer Portal

In addition to the useful features that enhance customer experience with your services, our customer management hub facilitates the relation between your customer and your business. Customers can create a request, check the status of their requests, readily see the progress of their jobs, get quotes and make payments.

Manage your customers

Get a complete view of your customers with search and edit capabilities. You can view requests, quotes and jobs of customers and the invoices and payments. Ability to select a customer and create a quote or job

Industry templates

Serveiz is used by businesses that handle plumbing, landscaping, electric, house keeping, and many other services. The app comes with ready to use predefined templates for many industries while giving the option to create new industry templates and customizing the existing templates

Key benefits

.. for you to focus on your customers


The adoption of technology for business allows for better handling of vital tasks and enhance your engagement with your customers.


Technology allow small businesses to remain agile and quick to respond to change within the markets..

Revenue Streams

Technology solutions for business allow generate new sources of revenue.

Customer Experience

Technology enables customers to book appointments and consultations which help address customer issues at any given moment. Automated tools can help build consumer trust and brand image.

Data Security

Technology helps better protect your business information..


Technologies have allowed businesses to organize their teams better. It improves efficiency in the running of the business as well as promotes better work-life balance



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Jobs / per month 5 50 100 Unlimited
Customer Accounts (Total) 25 100 200 Unlimited
Media Storage (Total) * 250 MB 1 GB 5 GB 50 GB
Users 1 5 20 Unlimited
Customer Portal
Multi Industries
Custom Line Items
Reports and Charts

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