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Better Field Service Management with

Novus Center

Novus Center helps businesses manage all their resources,work activities, and operations that take place off company property such as processing job orders, automate scheduling and dispatch, keep track of service and repair tasks, manage customers, and collect payment

Create, assign, manage, and review work order assigned to field service technicians. Utilize high customizable templates to create work orders in bulk. Interface directly with field teams through our mobile app.

Comprehensive record keeping of all units, devices, components, netowrks, and subsystems is critical for technicians to maintain and to ensure a huge installation’s smooth operations.

Scheduling is a complex task which involves the balancing and prioritization of various resources such as availability of technicians, the criticality of a job, the location of the job with respect to an available technician who can perform the job, tools & equipment available with a technician.

Dashboards provide a quick and ready view of the notifications, alarms and statuses of the overall system for quick review of its current status.

At any given time a number of personnel, managers and administrators have access to the information of the system.

Our platform is built ground-up with security in mind. We believe that a safe and secure platform is possible with security considerations in all aspects of design, implementation and extensions, and not just as an after-thought when the system is ready to be deployed.

A crucial aspect related to work orders is the issue of billing and invoicing. A work order may involve appropriate parties to be billed for the resources and labor, and to provide a receipt of services rendered.

Efficiency of field operations can be improved by enabling the field technicians to easily capture data regarding a job and file it away into the system. That involves various forms of data entry.

Our platform is deliberately modular by design. The modularity is necessitated not only by the key aspects of scalability and load-balancing, but also to provide feature and functionality separation.

Now interact with city easy

myTown Application

Highly customizable and configurable. Integrated workorder processing and automatic routing of incidents to right department

Reported issue will be submitted to the right personnel in seconds. Effective communication gets your issues resolved quickly.


Two-way automatic record saving communication between citizen and city personnel. Text and other multimedia can be used for enhanced communication. This helps expediate interaction and resolution of the issue quickly.

Citizens can check their reported issues of the status history (open/completed). A citizen can also view the history of reported issues.

Citizens can choose to report an issue in a convenient form to them; Be it text, video, pictures, or audio. Our platform supports all these formats to report an issue. Firstly, the issue is routed to the appropriate department in seconds.

For the city, the issue is routed through pre-configured paths set
by the city to the appropriate department and personnel/crews in seconds.

Efficiently manage field operations


Serveiz helps businesses to efficiently manage their field operations and crew. Using the app companies can track requests, quotes, assigning and completing jobs, invoices, payments and crew. Every business using serviez will come with a customizable online portal for their customers to book requests, view quotes and job history, and make payments for completed jobs.

Customers can use the app or web portal to enter their requests. Those requests are captured for the record, with the details provided to you at your fingertips, and are immediately acknowledged to the customer making the requests.

It is well established that timely quotes to customers can earn more business. You could generate immediate quotes to the customers form the app or the portal. Customers can get an immediate quote in the email or the portal. This feature generates more business in a competitive environment for you.

You can streamline business operations by optimizing the scheduling and tracking of employees with the app. This improves the productivity and the efficiency of your business. By utilizing the app, employees can enter their availability and time off. The app helps managers schedule and track employees with any conflicts, like double assigning a job, and schedule the appropriate employee for every job.

Serveiz platform helps in automating the generation of bills and invoices in addition to the management of jobs. Timely invoicing and presenting customers with easy way of payment helps reduce billing hassles and improves cash in-flows into your business which is the life blood of your business like any others’.

With our cool reports and charts you can have a complete overview of your company financials and performance of your team in detail

Using the live chat, you can reach out live chat agents who can assist with any issues using the app and resolve them, so you continue with your business. average order value.

Your customers will be kept informed automatically through notifications on changes to requests, quotes and jobs. All stats on your system usage is at your fingertips. The summary of storage usage, jobs completed, team and other information.

In addition to the useful features that enhance customer experience with your services, our customer management hub facilitates the relation between your customer and your business. Customers can create a request, check the status of their requests, readily see the progress of their jobs, get quotes and make payments.


Streamline your service business with key benefits

Increase Productivity
Reduce Operational Costs
Increase Uptime
Reduce Paperwork
Increase Customer Experience
Data Security

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